Getting Started like a boss.

If you just downloaded Pokemon Go on your smartphone and are wondering what to do next. This post will walk you through the things you would want to know to get a head start and catch up with your friends in no time.

Objective of the Game

This game is the ultimate nostalgia for anybody and everybody who ever watched the Pokemon cartoon series. Growing up we all wanted to be able to explore unknown areas and catch those mystical creatures. This game fulfills your dream of doing just that, all you need is your smartphone. The objective of this game is fairly simple, all you need to do is go around your area with your smartphone and catch the Pokemon that might be hiding in your community park, your bedroom or places you have not been before. As you progress you gain experience points and level up which opens up other features like joining a ┬áteam, fight other Pokemon, control Pokemon GYM’s.

Getting Setup

Once you have downloaded the app here are the steps to get up and running in no time:

  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Sign in using your google account or if you already have a “Pokemon Trainer Club” account you can sign in using that but due to server issues I would recommend signing in with your Google account since its faster. For IOS there shall be an alternate for signing in with their AppStore account.
  • After you are signed into your account you are asked to enter your character name and create your character.
  • You are all set then you see a screen where you are asked to pick a starting Pokemon from 3 Pokemons. Chose any one it really does not matter which Pokemon you start so I just started off with Bulbasaur.
  • To catch a Pokemon in the game, you have to tap on the Pokemon you wish to catch. A pokeball appears at the bottom of the screen and you have to flick the pokeball towards the Pokemon. The objective is to get the pokeball to touch the Pokemon to capture them. It gets hard sometimes to throw the pokeball right but I will be writing another post to help you throw it perfectly. It is an important skill to learn since it saves you pokeballs.

There you are now you are all set to explore the world around you and catch other Pokemon. You have more chances of finding a Pokemon where you see rustling leaves, walking around that area has always been fruitful to me. A quick tip: do not forget to enable GPS on your phone before launching the game since this game primarily relies on your location information.

Here is a quick look at my character.








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