Get Pikachu as a starter Pokemon

If you are about to starting your Pokemon Go quest and area wondering if you could have Pikachu as  your starter Pokemon and relive the Ash Kechum story line it is definitely possible in Pokemon Go. All it requires is a little patience. I heard about this trick from a friend of mine after I had already started my quest so here it is for all of you who are yet to start your quest in the Pokemon world.


  • When you start your game for the first time you would have three Pokemon spawn in front of you as your choices for starter your Pokemon. The choice would usually be a charmander, bulbasaur or squirtle.
  • To make pikachu spawn just walk away from the three Pokemon and keep walking till they re spawn around you.
  • You would have to make the three Pokemon respawn around you a few times till instead of the usual three a pikachu spawn along with the other three Pokemon.
  • There you are !! Now just tap the pikachu and throw a pokeball at it and its yours to start your quest in the magical world of Pokemon.

For those who have already started their quest, you need not be disheartened. It is true that it might be harder for you to catch a pikachu in the wild but its definitely not impossible. Good luck with your quest Pokemon trainers !


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