Ways to gain XP

Gaining XP in Pokemon Go is an essential aspect of the game since its directly related to leveling up in the game. You need to level up to gain access to Pokemon that have higher combat power and other perks in the game. I am asked by a lot of people about the different ways they can gain XP even when they do not find any Pokemon to catch. So this post is completely dedicated to the different ways you can gain XP and level up fast.

Catch a Pokemon

This is the simplest way to gain XP. Every time you catch a new Pokemon you gain 100XP. But if you capture a new Pokemon you gain 500 XP.

Evolve your Pokemon

Its easy to find a few Pokemon easily. You might find abundant Rattata, Pigey or a Nidoran. The list is endless and may vary according to your area and location. But a quick way to rack up 500 XP is to evolve a Pokemon. It requires you to collect a certain amount of Pokemon Candy, you get 3 Pokemon candy for a Pokemon every time you catch that Pokemon. In the picture below I need 25 Eevee Candy to evolve my Eevee.


Eevee Pokemon


Walk up to a Pokestop

Another easy way to gain 50 XP is to walk upto a Pokestop. You not only gain XP you also get free Pokeballs and if you are lucky you might get some special items. Only thing to remember is that you need to be in range of a Pokestop to get XP and the special items.



Using a Lucky Egg

If you get a lucky egg and activate it, you will gain double XP for the next 30 minutes upon activation. That means that you would gain 200 XP for each Pokemon caught and 1000XP for each Pokemon that you evolve in that time period.

Gain XP at the GYM

There are many ways to gain XP at a GYM. You gain 100XP if you battle a trainer at the GYM. You gain 150XP if you defeat a Pokemon Trainer. You gain 50 XP if you defeat a Pokemon at the GYM.

Get Extra XP for Skilled Pokeball throw

You can gain some extra 100 XP whenever you complete an excellent throw to catch a Pokemon. You can gain 10 more XP if you throw a curve ball. I will be doing a post on how to throw a Pokeball.

Those are the ways that can help you reach higher levels faster and get you ahead of your competitors. Feel free to share any other ways that you might have come across.




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